KNODEL Desk Pad Review | Double-sided Full Desk Mat

Article By: Ava Olivia Published On: December 18, 2022 , Last updated on : November 24, 2023 | Reviewed by : Editorial Board
KNODEL Desk Pad Review - A Full Desk Mat

Desk pads are excellent at giving an organized look to your desktop setup. They typically utilize durable PU leather to protect your desk from scratches, stains, spills, and heat. Therefore, this KNODEL Desk Pad review will show you one of the best products in this category.

Product Overview

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K KNODEL’s desktop pad can easily accommodate your keyboard and mouse due to its large size. You can use this desk mat to protect your laptop and mouse from damage. At the same time, spills, scratches, and stains will be kept to a minimum on the entire desk.


  • It may serve as both a mouse pad and a writing pad
  • Waterproof
  • Convenient cleaning option
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Color design options on both sides
  • A variety of colors and sizes


  • Rough usage may cause quick color fading

Specifications of the Knodel Desk Pad

  • Product Dimensions: 31.5 x 15.7 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎0.9 Pounds
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Color: Black, Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Green, Pink
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Special features: Waterproof, Non-slip design, Double-sided

Performance analysis of the Knodel Desk Pad


The Knodel desk pad is compatible with MacBooks, iMacs, or similar devices. You may place your computer and mouse comfortably on it as it is significant. As a result, you won’t need to buy another mat to set your MacBook on your desk. Furthermore, it also improves the appearance of your table. The desk pad’s non-slip design provides you with stability when using it. In addition, the smooth surface is ideal for use with any mouse, including the Apple Magic Mouse.


Water- and heat-resistant materials make this product long-lasting and straightforward to clean. You can simply wipe its surface with a moist towel to clean it.


Some desk pads are available in several vibrant, bold colors, ideal for a more creative, casual workstation. The KNODEL desk mat is available in various colors and has a double-sided design. Simply flip the pad to change the color.

Is the desk mat the same as the mouse pad?

A desk mat can be used as a mousepad to some extent. However, neither is built expressly for the other’s function. A desk mat’s primary purpose is to protect your desk surface while providing a large, smooth, flat working area. On the other hand, a mousepad is primarily intended to serve as a surface for a single mouse. They can both do the job of the other, but not as well. However, you can check our best mousepad review if you still prefer a mousepad.

What material is best for a desk mat?

Because of its multiple advantages, the traditional faux leather desk pad is the safest option. For example, it is one of the highest-end materials that looks both ageless and classy when placed on an office desk.

Final verdict

A desk pad is the best choice to upgrade your desktop look while enhancing your gaming abilities, mouse movements, and wrist comfort. The KNODEL desk mat is the best option for full insurance of your devices and desk. Alternatively, you may check our take on the best wireless charging mouse pads if you want advanced mousepads.