How to Connect Printify to Etsy – A Complete Guide

Article By: Ava Olivia Published On: November 5, 2023 | Reviewed by : Editorial Board
How to Connect Printify to Etsy

If you are looking for a way to establish an eCommerce business based on your creativity, choosing Printify can be on your priority list. Printify is a drop shipping platform that also works for completing print-on-demand purposes. You just need to integrate your Printify account with a sales platform to get the accessible benefits.

Etsy is one of the most popular online market shops that can be easily linked with Printify. Customers can place their order here. If Etsy is linked with Printify, it offers production along with shipping service and answers the queries of your customers. Undoubtedly, you must be interested to know how to connect Printify to Etsy.

In this article, we will discuss how to use Printify with Etsy. You will also know about the process of integration and connecting Printify to Etsy. One of the best parts of this whole procedure is you don’t need to give any extra service charge to Printify.

Moreover, you can adjust the actual product price with the base cost, printing cost, and shipping cost. It will surely accelerate the business profit. So, to accomplish the ultimate goal, let’s know about using Printify with Etsy.

How to connect Printify to Etsy? | Step-by-step process

Printify provides you the privilege of connecting your account with several e-commerce sites like Shopify, WooCommerce, Shopify, eBay and many others. Etsy is also one of them. You can avail the facilities of these two platforms after connecting them. Here are the steps regarding linking Printify to Etsy-

Step 1: Opening The Etsy Shop by Signing Up to It

To initiate the process, you have to Sign up on Etsy. First, visit the website of Etsy. Then, to create a new account, click on “Register” and provide your email address. The Esty will ask you to provide a username and password. Give your username that can be recalled easily, and use a strong password for security purposes.

Step 2: Setting Up the Store Name

Giving your store name is one of the most important parts. As the store name will represent your products throughout the platform, choosing a catchy and relatable name can help boost your business.

Step 3: Completing the Store’s Policy

As the whole process is online based, it is so important to build trust among the potential buyers. For this reason, you have to be transparent in giving information on shipping, refunds, and exchanges. It also requires to maintain the terms and conditions related to the products and services.

Step 4: Including Store Banner and Logo

Etsy offers you different types of designs and images for making an eye-catching logo. You can also add relatable quotes associated with your products. This procedure helps to fulfill branding purposes.

Step 5: Creating Product Listing

In this section, you can list your stove product according to its category. It can help the customer in terms of product detailing and adding them to the cart.

Step 6: Choosing payment and Shipping Option

To finish the whole process in an organized way, as a seller, you must set up payment and shipping options. Etsy will give you various options like PayPal and credit card. Go for the method that will work best for your business. In addition, you can also select applicable international shipping restrictions along with shipping and pricing methods.

The process of opening an Etsy account ends here. The next steps are to create a Printify account and then link the Printify account to Etsy.

Step 7: Signing Up to Printify

This step is all about creating a Printify account. Here’s how:

  • Search for the Printify website on the internet and select “Sign up” to create your
  • Printify will ask you to provide personal details like your name, email address, and password. Fill everything
  • Then, you    need   to   confirm   your   Email   You have to do that through the verification link sent to your email inbox.
  • You can log into your Printify account after verifying your

Step 8: Connecting Etsy and Printify through Integration

We have to fulfill the Printify Esty integration process to connect them together. After opening the account on both platforms, let’s find out the answer to the question of how to integrate Printify with Etsy.

  • After logging into your Printify account, select the “Add New Store” option.
  • Then, look for the “Connect to Etsy” option and click on
  • Finally, to authorize the connection, log into your new Etsy

This is everything you need to know to find out how to connect Printify to Etsy.

Why is my Printify shop not connecting to Etsy?

There can be some technical issues that can lead to not connecting your Printify shop to Etsy. If you know about the reasons, it can be helpful in the future. Have a look at solving the problem-

The activation of the store is not fulfilled

To activate the store, you need to set preferences, verify the ID along with the bill, turn on the security method, and do product listing properly. Finally, click on “Open your Shop.”

Continuing without renewing the connection token

After changing the password of your Etsy account, you need to renew the connection-token.

Using calculated prices shipping profile instead of fixed one

Currently, Etsy supports the fixed-price shipping profile. Check if you are using another method.

Deactivation has occurred in the Etsy listing

If Etsy deactivates the previously published product for any reason, you will also face the problem of not connecting Printify with Etsy. It will happen if you violate the Etsy policy, like using misleading listings or inappropriate content.

You have not kept your Etsy store live

It is a must to keep your Etsy store live. You cannot publish the products if it is in vacation mode or inaccessible. You can reach Etsy Support to learn more about the procedure.

Do orders from Etsy automatically go to Printify?

Yes, the order goes automatically in Printify within 2 hours after they have been submitted to Etsy. However, the order will not be placed if the payment remains unclear. Printify will process the Paid order. Moreover, Printify keeps track of the payment provided is completed. Once it is done, the order is imported into Printify.  If you face any further difficulties regarding this, connect with Etsy support or the customers of that specific order.

Which Printify Product to Sell on Etsy?

When you connect Printify to Etsy, you can explore a large number of product catalogs. Printify offers different types of products like clothing, accessories, home decor, and gifts. It gives you the graphic design tools for making them more attractive. You can easily make a unique design by using different patterns, word fonts, and colors or renovating any other design.


Moreover, the items are also divided into categories from where you can get information on demandable items. The option of customization and personalization makes this service more user-friendly.

How to Add Printify Products to Etsy?

In this section, we will talk about how to add Printify products to Etsy. Initially, you have to select products from the Printify catalog, which will be displayed in your Etsy shop. Then, the next step will be adding design to them. One of the convenient features of Printify is the mockup generator. It gives you the privilege of previewing the product’s final outlook with the design.

Here are the steps on how to add Printify products to Etsy:

  • On Printify, tap on the product you are willing to
  • Then, moving forward, decide which print provider you want to select. You can see the top-rated print provider. Moreover, choose the one that offers color customization on products in your payable price range.
  • For starting design, select “Start “
  • Then, you can drag and drop your design from the computer and further add colors or select image style through
  • You can use the “Preview” option after completing the design and see if the design is looking good on the actual
  • Finally, click on “Save Product”.
  • The new window will ask you which mockup you want to
  • You can choose how you want the design to be placed in your item. Select according to your
  • Untick Back view mockup if you don’t want to print on that
  • Finally, after adding the product title and product description, update them on
  • Next, you are supposed to assign a shipping profile with the items. Printify can also do this for you using its shipping
  • Now, it is time to set the pricing according to the cost. Make wise decisions so that you can make enough profit. The cost will vary according to the product’s size and
  • Additionally, you can turn on “Hide On Store” in the visibility settings. By doing this, Printify will set the item to the draft in the Etsy
  • You can also set the “variant visibility” option according to how you want your stock to be portrayed on the
  • Finally, complete the procedure by clicking on “Publish.”

What are the benefits of using Printify?

At this point, most probably, you are already aware of the benefits of Printify. Still, let’s know in detail –


Once you connect Printify to Etsy, you will get many options and choose your intended product. Moreover, most printing providers use high-quality materials for printing. It helps to maintain a good reputation and professionalism in business.

Seamless Integration with Cost Effectivity

After the integration process occurred between Printify and Etsy, it became easy to conduct business. Also, it saves the time and effort of the sellers. On the other hand, the buyers can get products that are not overly priced.

Avoiding Extra Risk with Scalability

As the print provider prints on the items after getting the orders, there is no need to stock inventory. It minimizes the financial risk of business. Also, you can pay attention to the marketing strategy and the expansion of business while Printify will manage the increased demand and order processing side.

Building Skills by Using Professional Mock-up Generators

You can have a clear idea of the design method of the products. It will help you to have a vivid idea about customers liking, product listing, and attracting potential buyers.

Privilege of Global Shopping

If you connect Etsy to Printify, you can be enlisted as a global seller. Printify provides its services worldwide by enabling international shipping options. This can be a golden opportunity to find your potential customers in different places in the world.


In today’s world, people prefer to do things flexibly. Using Printify with Etsy certainly gives this advantage along with an organized method of shopping and selling. In this article, we have discussed elaborately how to connect Printify to Etsy. The method of publishing products is also discussed broadly. All of these are important factors for running your business profitably.

Linking up Printify to Etsy, you can also get the initial experience of the online business model. As Printify will do most of the management and production work, you can give your energy to market analysis and pricing. The customers will also get their products on time. Certainly, this whole procedure will help you conduct your business appropriately and explore your creativity.