How to Connect JVC Bluetooth Earbuds- Complete Guide

Article By: Faheem Hussain Published On: December 13, 2023 | Reviewed by : Editorial Board
How to Connect JVC Bluetooth Earbuds

Anything in the first time seems difficult to start with. This way, if it’s your first time using the JVC Bluetooth earbuds, it might seem difficult to connect. So, here’s our complete guide on how to connect JVC Bluetooth earbuds. In this article, you can explore how to put JVC earbuds in pairing mode. Also, you’ll learn how to connect JVC Bluetooth earbuds to iPhone, Android, Windows PC, and MacBook. What’s more, we’ll introduce you to the JVC Earbuds reset process.

Once you pair them properly, you won’t face any sound quality or connectivity issues. All you need is to connect them as instructed in our guide. So, let’s check out the details on how to connect JVC Bluetooth earbuds.

How to Put JVC Earbuds in Pairing Mode

You have to turn the Bluetooth on to connect your JVC Wireless earbuds. But note that, for 2nd time pairing with another device, you have to turn off the Bluetooth of the 1st device. It’s easy and simple to put your JVC earbuds in pairing mode; here’s how to pair JVC wireless earbuds-

Step-1: Locate the Power Button

Find the power button either on the control panel or on one of the earbuds on your earbuds. It will be symbolized with a Bluetooth icon or other similar symbol. So it’s easy to find out the power button.

Step 2: Press the Power Button

Now press the power button, and the Bluetooth pairing mode will be activated. It will take a few seconds to activate the Bluetooth mode. So, hold on until you see the Bluetooth is activated. When Bluetooth is activated, the LED light will be blinking on the earbuds. So, you release the button at that time.

NB: Put your JVC earbuds in the pairing mode will may vary a little depending on what model you have. Therefore, we recommend you go through the user manual before you pair your device.

How to Connect JVC Bluetooth Earbuds to iPhone

No matter whether it’s an Android or IOS device, you need to pair up your earbuds for all types of devices. Let’s check out how to connect JVC Bluetooth earbuds to iPhone-

  • Go to Settings and then on the Bluetooth Menu on your iPhone
  • Now, turn on the Bluetooth and put the JVC earbuds on pairing mode
  • Select your JVC earbuds when the pairing mode is on
  • Allow the paring to be completed
  • You’re done!

NB: Except for pairing your JVC earbuds, all other processes will be the same. The pairing process may be a little different based on your model. So, as usual, you need to check out the owner’s manual so as not to make any mess with your pairing process.

How to Connect JVC Bluetooth Earbuds to An Android Phone

It’s not that hassling to connect your earbuds to your Android phone. If you want to connect your JVC headphones to your Android phone, follow the given instructions below to learn how to pair JVC Bluetooth headphones:

  • Go to Settings and then enable Bluetooth
  • Put the JVC earbuds in pairing mode as per the instructions mentioned above. When the blue light starts flashing, it’s in pairing mode.
  • Select your earbuds while they are available on the list, and they will be connected.
  • It’s done!

How to Connect JVC Bluetooth Earbuds to Windows PC

If you want to connect your JVC earbuds to your PC, you must turn on the Bluetooth first. Or it won’t connect to your device. When you see the “Bluetooth” menu displayed on your “Device Settings Screen,” your earbuds are connected to your PC.

But if you see the “Bluetooth” menu isn’t displayed on the screen of your Device Settings, go for the following steps-

  • If your JVC is already connected to other devices via Bluetooth, you must disconnect them. Or it won’t connect with your PC. Other devices, for example, smartphones.
  • Now, connect it to your computer via Bluetooth.

How to Connect JVC Bluetooth Earbuds with Mac

Connecting these earbuds to your MacBook is as easy as you connect it to your Android. So, here’s how to connect JVC Bluetooth headphones to your MacBook-

  • Open the charging case and remove your earbuds from the case
  • Now hold the buttons on both your earbuds until they turn on and enter the pairing mode
  • Once they are in paring mode, put them near your MacBook
  • Now scroll down and go to the System Settings
  • Then go to the Bluetooth and select from the list of the nearby devices
  • You’re almost there. Now go to the Sound Settings and check whether the output and input are set for your JVC earbuds
  • If not, set up the sound for your JVC earbuds, and you’ll be successfully done!

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Why are My JVC Headphones Not Pairing?

You might wonder why JVC Bluetooth headphones are not connecting if you find the earbuds aren’t pairing. In this case, you should check out the below factors. Checking them will assist you in fixing your connection errors and pair JVC Bluetooth headphones properly-

Check Out the Connectivity

Take your device and move around. It can disconnect the connectivity. If you find the connectivity is stable, it’s fine. If not, you have to connect your device again.

Test Your Microphone

If your JVC earbuds come with a built-in microphone for voice commands or phone calls, we recommend you make a quick test call. And make sure your microphone is working in the right way. Ensure the person on the other side hears you clearly.

Test Audio

Play an audio file just to ensure the sound is coming perfectly through your earbuds. If not, adjust the volume to your comfortable level.

How Do I Reset My JVC Bluetooth Earbuds?

To reset your JVC Bluetooth earbuds, you have to go through a few simple steps. These are as instructed below-

Step 1: Turn Off the JVC Bluetooth

The first step is to ensure your JVC Bluetooth is turned off. So, hold the power button and wait until the LED light turns off.

Step 2: Find the Multi-Function Button

This time, find out the multi-function button. It will be on your earcup with either a music note or earcup icon. Hold this button for up to 20 seconds and wait until the LED light starts flashing. Release the button when the LED light stops flashing. Your JVC earbuds are reset successfully while the LED light stops flashing.

Step 3: Turn the JVC Bluetooth On

Now, your JVC Bluetooth is ready to turn on. So, press the power button and turn on your earbuds. When you see the LED light is turned on, it’s ready to be in pairing mode.

Step 4: Go to Bluetooth Settings

Now, go to the Bluetooth Settings on your device and select the JVC earbuds in the available list. The pairing process is on the go once the JVC is selected. You must follow the instructions you see on the screen during your pairing process.

This will either ask you to enter your password or to confirm the pairing request. Do as you are asked for.

Step 5: Test the Connectivity

You’re done once the pairing mode is on. Now, test the connectivity to ensure that you reset properly.


Connecting the JVC Bluetooth earbuds is a straightforward process. Once you learn how to connect JVC Bluetooth earbuds, you can connect them anytime on any of your devices. But we strongly recommend you to consult an expert unless you’re done properly. Or go through the user’s manual. It will make your day easier. However, if you follow the instructions we shared above, you can complete your JVC pairing process successfully.

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