How to Connect Pixel Buds to Laptop – Detailed Guide

Article By: Faheem Hussain Published On: December 14, 2023 | Reviewed by : Editorial Board
How to Connect Pixel Buds to Laptop

People these days prefer to have Pixel Buds due to the low cost but high quality. But if it’s your first time using these wireless earbuds, you might get stuck while connecting to your device. So, it’s important to know how to connect Pixel Buds to laptop.

However, it’s not always like you’ll get stuck in your first time and your Pixel Buds not connecting. Maybe or maybe not! If you are struggling to connect your Pixel Buds, here’s our detailed guide. There are some crucial factors to know before you connect your earbuds. For example, how to put Pixel Buds in pairing mode, steps to connect them, etc.

Once you know all the details, you’ll never face the connection error again. So, let’s check out how to connect Pixel Buds to a laptop, PC, MacBook, iPhone, and Chromebook.

How to Connect Pixel Buds to Laptop – Step-by-Step Guide

You can easily connect the Pixel Buds to your laptop. All you need is to turn on the pairing mode as a common task whether you connect it to Windows, Mac, or any other platform. Let’s check out how to connect Google Buds to a laptop:

How to Put Pixel Buds in Pairing Mode

Since you have to connect your Pixel Buds through Bluetooth, you have to pair Google Pixel Buds in the first phase. Follow the two simple steps given below on how to pair Google Buds:

  • Open the Pixel Bud case and hold its pairing buttons on the back side of the case. Hold them for a few seconds
  • Once the status light (LED Light) is turned on white, your Pixel Buds are in pairing mode

Steps for Connecting Pixel Buds to Windows Laptop

Once you know how to put the Pixel Buds in pairing mode, you’re a step ahead to connecting your Pixel Buds to your Windows laptop. Just follow the given instructions below-

  • In the first stage, you must open the window on your laptop. Now go to settings, or you can find Bluetooth. So, turn the Bluetooth on
  • This time, put your Pixel Buds in pairing mode as instructed in the above section.
  • Now, click on the Windows icon and click on Settings.
  • You now have to go to Bluetooth and turn it on. After that, you must click on the Add Device.
  • Now, in the list, select your Pixel Buds.
  • You’re done!

NB: If you’ve Windows 10 or Windows 11, the screen on your laptop will look a bit different. What’s more, you can connect Pixel Buds to a PC following the same process.

Steps for connecting Pixel Buds to MacBook

Connecting the Pixel Buds to a MacBook is as easy as connecting it to a laptop. Here’s how easily you can connect Pixel Buds to MacBook-

Step 1: Put the Pixel Buds in Pairing Mode

Open the case of your Pixel Buds and put them in pairing mode now.

Step 2: Select Bluetooth

In this step, you’ll have to select Bluetooth. So, go to the System Preferences and then select Bluetooth on your Mac. You’ll now find an option written “Turn Bluetooth On” (on the left side). So, click on this option, and Bluetooth will be turned on.

Step 3: Connect the Pixel Buds

You’re almost there. Now, you need to connect the Pixel Buds to your Mac. Thus, you’ll get a list of all discoverable devices. All you need is to click on “Connect” while the Pixel Buds are seen. Your Pixel Buds are connected to your MacBook.

NB: To disconnect the Pixel Buds while not using, go to the System Preference to your MacBook. And then go to Bluetooth. Now right-click and then tap on the Disconnect option. Your Pixel Buds are disconnected successfully from your MacBook.

Connect Pixel Buds to Chromebook

With a few easiest steps, you can connect Pixel Buds to a Chromebook. Here’s how-

  • Go to your Chromebook and then to
  • Click on Bluetooth (You’ll find the Bluetooth option on the left of the menu option as usual)
  • Find the Pair New Device on the right side and click on it
  • You’ll see that the list of nearby Bluetooth devices is popping up. So you can make your pair easily. Select your Pixel Buds until they are connected. Once it’s paired, the Pixel Buds will be connected to the Chromebook.

To say more easily-

Go to Chrome Settings → Click on Bluetooth → Click on Pair New Device → Select your Pixel Buds.

How to connect Pixel Buds to iPhone

If you want to connect the Pixel Buds to your iPhone, you’ll find it almost similar to a laptop, PC, or MacBook. Here’s how to connect Pixel Buds to your iPhone-

  • Turn on the iPhone pairing buttons the same as you do for a laptop or MacBook.
  • Now go to Settings of your iPhone and then go to Bluetooth (Bluetooth must be toggled On)
  • Select the Pixel Buds, but this time, you’ve to select the Pixel Buds A-Series or Pixel Buds Pro for your iPhone.
  • The Pixel Buds is connected to your iPhone successfully.

Why Won’t My Pixel Buds Connect to My Device?

It’s normal if your Google Pixel Buds won’t connect to your device. There are some tips and tricks that can help you fix this connectivity issue. Here’s what you need to do-

1.    Check the Charging Contact Protector Stripes

Sometimes, you’ll find the Pixel Buds are sold with a plastic piece. It means each of the charging contacts of each earbud remained covered. If your Pixel Buds come with such a plastic piece, it cannot charge the protector stripes.

Therefore, if you get stuck with the connection, check out whether your Pixel Buds have any plastic cover on the earbuds. If so, remove them, and your connection problem will be solved. Remember, not all the models of Pixel Buds come with this type of protector stripes. So, your one might not be with it.

2.    Ensure Your Pixel Buds are Fully Charged

Pixel Buds are charged fully when the LED light looks white. If it’s orange, it means the device is still charging. So, you should wait until the Pixel Buds are charged.

3.    Check Out the Bluetooth Settings

You also can get a connection error if Bluetooth is disabled on your device. Therefore, make sure the Bluetooth is On perfectly.

4.    Place the Pixel Buds Nearby

The nearer you place the Pixel Buds, the better the connectivity will be. So, try placing the Pixel Buds as close to your device as possible. Connection with your device will be smoother.

5.    Remove the Bluetooth Interference Sources

A number of sources of Bluetooth interference can create connectivity problems with your Pixel Buds. Thus, you should shut down the wireless equipment or devices that generate interference. It will fix the connection error.

6.    Turn on the Location Service

Pixel Buds will also fail to connect unless the Location Service is turned on. Therefore, make sure the Location Service is turned on.

7.    Reconnect the Pixel Buds

If you face a connectivity problem, it may be because of your previous pairing issue. If you previously paired the Pixel Buds and it’s not in use, it already has lost its connectivity. Therefore, you should connect it again.

8.    Factory Reset Your Pixel Buds

Reset your Pixel Buds, and it will connect. Still, if you face the same, go for a factory reset. You should set up the Pixel Buds one more time after you finish resetting.

How to factory reset Pixel Buds

This function will reset all the settings. It will include the name of your device. Also, it will include the preference for enabling and disabling features.

  • Go to the Bluetooth settings in your device
  • Now click on Forget Google Pixel Buds
  • This time, plug the charging case using your USB-A to USB-C cable. Place the Pixel Buds in the charging case properly and keep the charging case open.
  • Press the pairing button for 30 seconds and allow the LED light to turn on
  • The LED light will be blinking orange and white until the reset is done. Once the reset is completed, it will bounce white.
  • You can pair your Pixel Buds right away while it’s done resetting.

If any other devices are paired with your Pixel Buds, you must forget to pair them again.

How to turn off Pixel Buds

Don’t worry if you see your device isn’t turned off. Because you cannot turn your Pixel Buds off completely, all you need is to put the Pixel Buds in their case, and it will automatically go into sleep mode, which means your Pixel Buds will be disconnected from your device.

But what if the case of your Pixel Buds aren’t around? Well, just go to the Bluetooth settings and turn off the Bluetooth on your device. Double-press the earbud (only the right one), and your Pixel Buds will reconnect.


Sometimes, it’s difficult to connect the Pixel Buds unless you know how to connect Pixel Buds to laptop. So, you must know which device requires what process to connect the Pixel Buds.

We’ve introduced the Pixel Buds connecting process to laptops, PCs, MacBooks, iPhones, and Chromebooks. You’ll now have no more trouble connecting the Pixel Buds to your device, no matter what device it is.

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