How to Clean Apple Silicone Case for iPhone – 3 Easy Ways

Article By: Steven Daniels - April 18, 2022 , Last updated on : May 18, 2022
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How to Clean Apple Silicone Case

Silicon case of your iPhone tends to get dirty quickly. It is always recommended to clean the silicon case of your phone at least once a week. However, regularly cleaning the case is always the best practice to keep away from filth and bacteria. Keeping this good practice in mind, I have brought you different tips on how to clean Apple Silicone Case.

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There are many ways how to clean silicone case. Whether it’s a silicone case or a clear phone case of any iPhone you got, careful sanitizing can keep you away from pathogens. The official websites may give you several restrictions on cleaning Silicone cases for iPhones. For instance, they often recommend you not to use a dishwasher, glass cleaner, or any harsh chemical liquid as such.

How do I clean my Apple MagSafe silicon case?

Showing Clean silicon case of iPhone with water and dish soap

I have tried cleaning my Apple iPhone 11 silicone case and my wife’s Apple iPhone 12 pro silicone case with MagSafe. I simply used microfiber cloth and dishwasher for cleaning. The result turned out to be fine without any issues. I, however, will suggest you not take any risky steps and go with the plain tap water and linen-free wipe cloths to clear phone case. Here’s how I have cleaned my ones:

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  • A bowl of warm water mixed up with a few drops of dishwasher liquid
  • Two pieces of clean microfiber wipe cloths. Make sure it is linen-free
  • Carefully detached the silicon cover from the iPhone
  • Used one of the dry microfiber cloths and wiped the entire case thoroughly in and out
  • At this point, I have dipped the second piece of cloth in the bowl containing warm water mixed with the liquid dish wash
  • Squeezed it well before wiping the silicone case thoroughly with it
  • I rubbed and wiped visible stains and spots until I was satisfied with the cleaning
  • Finish the cleaning process by re-wiping the iPhone cover with the dry cloth
  • Wiped clean my device with dry microfiber before installing back the Silicon case

How to clean a silicone case- 3 best ways

Dry wiping the Silicon cover

Dry wiping silicon case of iPhone

The safest and the most convenient way to clean the silicon cover of your iPhone regularly is by using a dry clean linen-free cloth. Ensure you have detached your iPhone from the case and thoroughly wiped both the device and case. Try to make sure dirt doesn’t accumulate at the silicon case’s inner corners. You can use cotton buds to clean up corners and small creeds of your device, as well as the silicon cover.

Warm water treatment

Clean silicon case of iPhone with warm water

The warm water treatment is the next level of cleaning your iPhone silicone case. It is also simple and doesn’t involve any chemical that might harm the coating of your iPhone’s body. All it requires is warm water, a used toothbrush, a linen-free microfiber cloth, and your iPhone silicon case. I have seen my cousin try this on her silicone iPhone 11 case. Although her method includes a few drops of liquid dish soap, but I will suggest you go with water only.

Use Alcohol base wipe to rub off the stains

Clean silicon case of iPhone with Alcohol solution

A more sanitized option can be by rubbing the silicone case with Alcohol-based rubs or cleaner. I will not recommend rubbing alcohol solution on the device, but it’s suitable for cleaning the cover. The silicon cover stores up all the filths and bacteria over time. Therefore, alcohol solutions can definitely be one of the best cleaning processes. After alcohol wiping, you must clean the inner portion of the cover with a dry clean cloth. This will prevent possible alcohol stains at the back of your iPhone.

Few tips for cleaning Apple iPhone silicone case

People using Apple iPhone X silicone case and iPhone XR silicone case often enquire about cleaning sharp corners and small crevices of the silicon case. Here are a few tips that can deal with cleaning silicon case corners and dents:

  • Old toothbrushes work like a charm when deep cleaning the silicon case
  • Cotton buds are great tools to deal with stubborn corners and crevices of the silicon case
  • A soft-bristled makeup brush can be a subtle tool for daily cleaning the silicon case and device
  • A car blower can come in handy to dust off loose dirt off the silicon case as well as dirt from the iPhone sound grills.
  • Baking soda works great at removing reddish stains from the Silicon case. You can try that but make sure the solution is well-cleaned before putting it on your iPhone


Cleaning up the silicon case of your iPhone is comparatively easy. But Silicon covers weather, and to some extent, it is recommended to replace the old case with a new one. So, if you feel like cleaning your current silicon case is a waste of energy, It’s time you get a new one, maybe with a better design to give your iPhone a new attire.