How to Change Apple Watch to Military Time

Article By: Steven Daniels Published On: April 6, 2022 , Last updated on : November 1, 2022 | Reviewed by : Editorial Board
How to Change Apple Watch to Military Time

Wondering what time is it in military time right now? It’s easy to find that out on your Apple Watch. Time management preferences are not the same for everyone. Athletes or sportsmen utilize their time in one way. Tourists, adventurers, expats, on-duty cops, or defense personnel set their watch time differently. In most cases, soldiers or on-duty cops prefer the military time format on their Apple Watch faces.

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Smart wearable such as Apple Watch is ingeniously developed to cope with every individuals’ needs and preferences. Through this content, you will know about how to change Apple Watch to military time.  These processes are simple, and all you need is your iPhone, Apple Watch, and a few tricks that we will explain here.

Easy steps of how to change Apple Watch to military time

Military time means you count the whole 24 hours instead of cutting down a day into two 12 hours segments. That means after 12 noon, it counts as 1PM, where the military time on your Apple Watch continues to count as 13′ O clock, 14′ O clock, and so on till 24. Now how can we convert the 24-hour format? We will describe the process and more through this article.

Steps to add Apple Watch military time format

Applying military time format on your Apple Watch is pretty simple and follows not too complex steps. We will not stretch our words any longer and will get into the steps from henceforth:

Step-1: Locate the Apple Watch app on your iPhone

Apple watch app option in the iPhone menu

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The initial process includes searching out the Apple Watch app on your iPhone menu. If you are using an Apple Watch, you must have already installed the Watch application beforehand. This is because, with this app, you can perform various settings and firmware updates on your Apple Watch. Locate the app and tap it open for the next task.

Step-2: Tap on the My Watch option at the bottom

My watch option on the Apple Watch app

The next process of changing the time format to military timing is to find out the ‘My Watch’ function at the bottom of the Apple Watch app interface. It is one of the three options you will find at the bottom. Tap on this option, and you will get several functions on the following interface.

Step-3: Scroll down to the menu to find the Clock option

Clock option inside My Watch of the App

In step 3, you will see yourself scrolling a plethora of functions in the My Watch interface. You will find the Clock function in the menu. This Clock option will give you the exact procedure that changes the typical clock to military time format.

Step-4: Toggle on the 24-Hour Time option from the menu

select digital clock face from Face gallery of the app

If you wonder how to change Apple Watch to Military Time, this is the exact step that does the trick. After you tap into the Clock function, you will lead to a new app page. Here, you will again find several Apple Watch features, but the options are in toggle buttons this time. You will find a toggle option that says 24-Hour time. Toggle it green, and your work to convert regular time to military time is done.

Step-5: Select the watch face to implement a 24-Hour format

select digital clock face from Face gallery of the app

An additional task includes implementing the digital Apple Watch Face. It is simple and fun. The military time format doesn’t support the Analogue clock face. Therefore, you have to choose the digital time format style from the watch face library. There are plenty to choose from. Select the face you find most convenient for your 24-hour time format.

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Please note that the analog clock face doesn’t support the 24-hour format. Therefore, you have to choose one with the digital watch face to set the military time on your iPhone. Watch face library has plenty of digital watch faces from where you can select the one of your preference. Another aspect you have to consider is that your watch will not synchronize properly with your iPhone if it is not in military time format.

Change your iPhone into military time

Change your iPhone into military time

If the query of how to change the Apple Watch to military time comes out to be a puzzle, the step-by-step process described above can solve that. Nevertheless, when your watch has been changed from analog to military timing, your phone should also be in the same time format. If not, you cannot synchronize between your iPhone and Apple Watch. This is how you should change the regular time of your iPhone to a 24-hour format:

  • Launch Settings of your iPhone.
  • Scroll down the menu and locate and tap on General
  • From the menu in the General, you will get the Date & Time option
  • Tap on Date & Time, and the following interface will give you a toggle option
  • Toggle the 24-Hour time to green, and it will activate the military time format

Now, as both your iPhone and Apple watch follows the same time format, you should not face issues while syncing or time tweaking time between your iPhone and Apple watch.

End Note

We hope that you know how to change Apple Watch to military time by now. After all, it’s not that complex and takes a few minutes, especially when you have learned the process and have your Apple Watch and iPhone right in front of you. So, go ahead,