How to Connect Galaxy Buds to iPhone

Article By: Michael Perez - April 7, 2022 , Last updated on : May 19, 2022
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How to Connect Galaxy Buds to iPhone

Galaxy buds can be the best choice if you look for one of the most viable wireless headsets with the smallest form factor. It is robust, handy, and a capable competitor against most earbuds on the tech market. iPhone is expected to impose restrictions when pairing with third-party hardwires, especially those which are direct competitors in the market. However, it is not the case with Galaxy earbuds. So, is it possible to pair up Galaxy Buds with iPhone? The answer is yes. We will tell you how to connect Galaxy Buds to iPhone. It is super easy and doesn’t need any additional hardwires.

Why Galaxy buds instead of Airpod?

Before describing the pairing process of Galaxy buds with the iPhone, let’s discuss why one should invest in Galaxy buds instead of Airpods. Many may ask the same; after all, Airpods are Apple’s native wireless headphones and undoubtedly work the best when paired with iPhone. Galaxy buds, on the other hand, come from Samsung’s artillery.

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The main justification for choosing Galaxy buds over Airpods is its low price point. Galaxy buds have a price tag of almost one-third of Airpods. The output is pretty uncanny, with Galaxy Buds having a smaller size adding an additional advantage point.

How to connect Galaxy Buds to iPhone: Step by step process

Process to connect Galaxy buds

In order to pair up Galaxy buds successfully with your iPhone, the earbuds need to have sufficient charge. Now turn on the Bluetooth of the iPhone. For that, open your device’s settings app and scroll down for Bluetooth and toggle it on.

Tap on the Bluetooth tab. Here scroll and search through all the list of Bluetooth-ready devices nearby. Here you will find a list of already paired Bluetooth devices. Open the Galaxy Buds case lid and keep it in close proximity to your iPhone. The iPhone should detect the Galaxy buds automatically with a pop-up notification and Pair it up.

How do you know that your Galaxy buds are connected? Fortunately, the case itself has a LED indicator. The LED illuminates when the lid is open, and the pairing mode is on. The process doesn’t take too long, and the pairing process is almost instantaneous. Wondering how to connect galaxy buds to iPad instead of iPhone? It’s exactly the same as iPhone.

Quick steps of how to connect Galaxy buds to iPhone

  • Open the Settings app of the iPhone
  • Scroll down to find the Bluetooth and toggle it on
  • Tap on the Bluetooth tab
  • Open the lid of your Galaxy buds case
  • Hold it close to your iPhone
  • iPhone will automatically detect Galaxy buds with a pop-up notification
  • Galaxy Buds will be displayed under the ‘Other devices’ portion
  • Pair galaxy buds with iPhone by tapping on the pop-up notification
  • A successful pairing will place your earbuds in the ‘My Device’ list.
  • The LED of the Galaxy Buds case also lights up, indicating a successful connection

Dedicated Galaxy Buds app for iPhone

Dedicated Galaxy buds App on App Store

Once you pair galaxy buds with iPhone, you would like to use your device effectively. Use a dedicated app from App Store that helps connect and control Galaxy Buds straight from the iPhone. However, the app comes in handy only if you own Galaxy Buds live or Galaxy Buds+. Currently, supports are not available for users using the Galaxy Buds (SM-R170) model.

Downloading the app from App Store and installing it on your iPhone will give you several remote functions. These functions include earbuds and charging case battery status display, sound equalizer, touchpad control, and many more. It must be noted that the iPhone model has to be 7 or later, and the iOS version must be 10 or higher.

Galaxy buds app showing functions in-app interface

Typical features of Galaxy Buds app for iPhone

  • Connect disconnect Galaxy Buds from iPhone
  • Displays battery status of both earbuds and charging case
  • Equalizer tuner and sound setting feature
  • Active noise canceling function for Galaxy buds Live
  • Earbud’s touchpad configuration
  • Firmware update and earbuds tracker

Why pair galaxy Buds with iPhone instead of sticking with wired headphones

Showing earbuds and wired headphones side by side

Some may argue that Galaxy earbuds or Airpods cut your pocket without mercy, so wired headphones instead are the best. Wired headsets are indeed good to some extent. For instance, with wired ones, you don’t have to worry about the battery charge and don’t have to connect it with Bluetooth.

Nevertheless, Apple prefers wireless technology for its new phone assemblies. For evidence, they scooped out the 3.5 mm port on their new phone lineups. If you are a wired headphone enthusiast, you now have to have an additional dongle to connect with your new iPhone.

Moreover, many hate dangling wires that often tangle themselves when kept in a pocket or bag. So, the viable solution is to get rid of cables. On top of that, Galaxy earbuds are pretty robust as far as their mechanism and battery lives are concerned. You can use these hands-free audio buds for about 12 to 13 hours after charging them for only 6 hours; that counts pretty much the whole day.


Let’s face it, wireless Galaxy buds are fantastic with their minimalistic, elegant, robust yet economic characteristics. At this point, you must have got your answer about how to connect Galaxy Buds to iPhone. You also realized that the process is pretty easy, and the outcomes are excellent. So, now the question lies, when are you getting your Galaxy buds for your iPhone?