How to Connect Wireless Keyboard to Mac

Article By: Ava Olivia Published On: November 1, 2023 , Last updated on : November 2, 2023 | Reviewed by : Editorial Board
How to connect wireless keyboard to Mac

It’s simple to attach a wireless keyboard to a Mac if you want to relax on the sofa and text on it from another room or if you just want to use a new keyboard. Today, we will give you the run-down on how to connect a wireless keyboard to a Mac.

Setting up a wireless keyboard from a manufacturer other than Apple is not the same as setting up the default Magic Keyboard. The Magic Keyboard connects effortlessly with any Apple device, while other keyboards require you to use a Bluetooth dongle and make some software adjustments. However, don’t worry, as these processes are explained in a clear and easy-to-follow manner in this guide.

Check out how to connect wireless keyboard to Mac

Wireless keyboards are convenient, to say the least. Apple offers the Magic Keyboard, which is popular amongst Mac users. The following steps listed will guide you on how to connect Magic Keyboard to Mac.

How to connect Magic Keyboard to Mac

How to connect Magic Keyboard to Mac

  • Set the wireless keyboard to On.
  • Then select “System Preferences” by clicking the Apple logo in the top left corner of the Mac screen.
  • The pairing screen will appear when you click the Bluetooth icon.
  • Activate pairing mode on the keyboard. Check the exact instructions because the process will differ depending on the keyboard.
  • Click on the device’s name when it appears on the screen in the Bluetooth window.

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You may need to press several keys on the wireless keyboard before your computer acknowledges it. The question mark (?) key and the Z key are frequently used. Your wireless keyboard should link to your Mac once you complete this step.

How to connect wireless keyboard to Mac using replacement keyboards

How to connect wireless keyboard to Mac using replacement keyboards

Logitech makes a wide range of computer accessories, including keyboards. Macs are renowned for their svelte appearance and intuitive user interface. It is understandable why many people desire a Logitech keyboard for their Mac. Fortunately, connecting a Logitech keyboard to a Mac is straightforward. As is their Logitech wireless mouse.

All Apple devices are compatible with the Bluetooth-capable Logitech K380 wireless keyboard for Mac. Any USB or Bluetooth keyboard will work with your Mac; simply plug it in and start typing.

The K380 Multi-Device for Mac provides comfortable typing and quiet clicks and scrolls. Both devices are encased in a flexible organic design.

Here is how to connect Logitech wireless keyboard to Mac

  • Verify that Bluetooth discovery mode is on your Logitech keyboard.
  • Hold down the Bluetooth connect button on the keyboard’s back.
  • On your Mac, access System Preferences.
  • Select Bluetooth by clicking it.
  • Click Pair after choosing your Logitech keyboard from the available devices.

If you still have problems connecting the wireless keyboard on a Mac, watch the video below.

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What if the Wireless or Magic Keyboard is not working? | 3 Reasons

Since wireless keyboards have a few more potential problems than their wired equivalents, whatever it is that is going on with your keyboard, try these solutions first:

1. Verify that Bluetooth is on and functional

When attempting to solve issues, don’t ignore the most straightforward fixes. Be sure that Bluetooth is turned on by going to System Preferences > Bluetooth first.

Your connected devices, low battery warnings, and other issues are all shown in the System Preferences window.

A jagged line across the Bluetooth symbol in your menu bar or options panel (see the example below) indicates that Bluetooth is inactive. See if restarting your Mac solves the problem. Otherwise, disconnect all USB devices and restart the computer.

2. Verify the keyboard’s battery life

You could have some performance issues, or your keyboard might stop connecting if the batteries in your keyboard are running low. You may find a little battery indicator underneath the listed and connected keyboard by going to System Preferences > Bluetooth.

By selecting the Bluetooth symbol in the menu bar and hovering your cursor over the desired device, you can also view the battery life of any connected device. You should charge or replace the battery if it is low.

3. Ensure the keyboard is turned on

You should first make sure that the wireless or magic keyboard on your Mac is genuinely turned on if they aren’t connecting:

Slide the switch down the rear edge of the most recent Magic Keyboards to reveal the green color.

Tap the power button on the right edge of an earlier Apple Wireless Keyboard to turn on the green LED light at the top.

Return to the Bluetooth settings page after turning on your device to see if it is linked.

Why is my Apple keyboard not discoverable?

On most occasions, users tend not to turn on the keyboard itself. The on/off button on the Magic Keyboard is located on the side of it. To turn it on, simply press the button and wait for the small LED light to flash. You have to wait until the light turns green to indicate that the keyboard is discoverable.

In conclusion

Wireless keyboards are a norm today. They do, however, come with their issues. We hope this article tackles those issues so that you can continue enjoying your wireless keyboards for Mac.

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