How to Connect JBL Speakers to iPhone

Article By: Ava Olivia - April 17, 2022 , Last updated on : May 10, 2022
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How to connect JBL speakers to iPhone

Bluetooth speakers are a great way to boost the sounds of smartphones, not to mention how they elevate the audio quality as well. Among them, JBL Bluetooth speakers are widely known for their super quality sound, durability, and convenience. So if you want to know how to connect JBL speakers to iPhone and enjoy music on another level, this is for you.

As with most Bluetooth speakers, the process for pairing JBL speakers with iPhone is pretty straightforward. You only need to enable Bluetooth and enter pairing mode on your speaker. As easy as it is, there are still different ways for different models or types of speakers. With JBL, you can even learn how to connect multiple JBL speakers together and act as one single source. Without further delay, let’s dive into the details of using JBL speakers for iPhone.

Best Ways on How to Connect JBL Speakers to iPhone

Before we get into the process of how to connect JBL speakers to iPhone, the first thing one should do is find the perfect speaker. JBL speakers come with tons of varieties and features. While the quality is consistent with all of their products, the functions can be tailored to experience music the way you want, in the circumstances you prefer.

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For instance, you can pair JBL flip with iPhone to listen to favorite songs outside or maybe at a party. You can also connect JBL earbuds to iPhone when you’re on the run and during workouts. There’s one piece of Bluetooth sound system for every occasion, and you can connect them all to your iPhone.

Another cool feature of JBLs is the ability to connect to each other. They have three different connection protocols for this —

  • Connect
  • Connect+
  • PartyBoost

It means if you have more than one JBL speaker with the same connection protocol, you can connect them together. That way, music will flow through all of those speakers and boost the overall listening experience. You need only to ensure that the speakers have the same connection system. For instance, a JBL speaker with the Connect feature cannot be paired with Connect Plus or PartyBoost. Both of the devices should have Connect+ or both need to house Connect, and the same goes with PartyBoost.

How to connect JBL Bluetooth speaker to iPhone

how to pair JBL speaker to iPhone

  • First, turn on your JBL Bluetooth speaker.
  • If it’s the first time, it should automatically be in pairing mode. If not, press and hold the Bluetooth button for a couple of seconds to get into pairing mode.
  • Once in pairing mode, the indicator light will be blinking. Drag down the control center from the upper right corner of your iPhone and turn on Bluetooth.
  • You should find your JBL speaker listed there. If not, go to Other Devices to locate the speaker.
  • Tap on the speaker to connect to your iPhone. That’s it.

How to connect JBL headphones to iPhone

how to connect JBL headphones to iPhone

  • Turn on your JBL headphones using the power switch.
  • You will see a blinking light If it directly goes into pairing mode.
  • If not, press the Bluetooth pairing button on the headphones. Different JBL headphones have different icons, but they usually follow up with Bluetooth icons.
  • Next, open your iPhone Settings and enable Bluetooth.
  • Find the headphones under the list of Other Devices. Then simply tap to connect with your iPhone.

How to Pair JBL Speakers Together

As we’ve already learned, it’s possible to connect more than two JBL speakers and play music through all of them. Speakers with the JBL Connect feature can pair with each other, as the ones with the Connect+ feature can be paired with one another. JBL speakers with the PartyBoost connection protocol can be paired with each other as well. So, how to pair and sync two or more JBL speakers with iPhone? Let’s find out.

How to connect two JBL speakers together

how to connect multiple JBL speakers

  • First, make sure both of the JBL speakers are already paired with your iPhone. If not, follow the preceding guide to pairing them.
  • With the speakers connected, play any audio on your iPhone.
  • The music will start to come through one of the speakers.
  • Next, press the connect button on the other JBL speaker. For Connect and Connect+ feature, there should be an hourglass icon. And for PartyBoost, it looks like an infinity icon.
  • That’s it. In a moment, music will start to play through both of your devices. You can connect multiple JBL speakers using this same process.

How to Disconnect and Unpair JBL Bluetooth Speakers

We’ve learned how to connect JBL speakers to iPhone and pair speakers together, but how to disconnect them from iPhone? Well, it’s relatively easy. Simply accessing your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings should do it. JBL speakers and headphones for iPhone make it effortless to connect and boost the regular sound to another level. And if you’re wondering how to disconnect and unpair JBL headphones, earbuds, or speakers, here’s what to do.

How to disconnect JBL speakers and headphones from iPhone

how to disconnect JBL speakers from iPhone

  • Open your iPhone Settings and go to Bluetooth.
  • Find your JBL device and tap on the (i) icon next to it.
  • Then tap on the Disconnect option at the very bottom.

Similarly, to unpair JBL headphones and speakers

how to Forget JBL speakers from iPhone

  • Go to the Bluetooth option from your iPhone Settings.
  • Tap the (i) icon next to your JBL speaker or headphone.
  • Finally, tap on Forget This Device at the bottom. Note that once you select this, you will have to pair the device again to use it in the future.

Is your JBL speaker not connecting to iPhone?

If a JBL speaker is unable to connect to your iPhone, check a few things and then try to connect again. First, make sure both iPhone and the speaker has Bluetooth turned on and charged enough. Next, make sure the devices are close to each other. Then turn your Bluetooth off and back on again, and give it a retry.

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If you’re trying to pair a JBL for the first time, turn on the pairing mode on your speaker beforehand. If you still can’t connect it with your iPhone, try resetting the device. You can reset a JBL speaker by pressing down the Volume+ button and the Bluetooth button simultaneously for several seconds.

Do JBL headphones work with iPhone?

Yes, all JBL headphones work with iPhone, whether Bluetooth or wired. Since Bluetooth is the only thing needed to connect a Bluetooth device, JBL Bluetooth speakers, earbuds, or headphones have no problem pairing with iPhone.

How many JBL speakers can you connect together?

You can connect up to 100 JBL Bluetooth speakers together and play music as one single source. Keep in mind that you need the same connection protocol for all of the speakers you wish to connect. For instance, if some of the speakers have the Connect and some are with the Connect Plus feature, the first ones will not connect to the latter.

Final words

In this guide on how to connect JBL speakers to iPhone, we’ve discussed all the possible ways. Knowing how to connect iPhone to JBL speakers can open up tons of possibilities for entertainment. Need to lit up a house party? Connect ten, twenty, and even up to a hundred JBLs and play music through them all. Boosting the audio experience has never been easier.