How to Connect Smartwatch to iPhone

Article By: Michael Perez Published On: November 1, 2023 , Last updated on : November 2, 2023 | Reviewed by : Editorial Board
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Smartwatches are one of the most popular wearables these days, and their use is only increasing. They’re great for activities, fitness tracking, health monitoring, etc. And when paired to your iPhone, you can track and keep updates on your fitness goals without any sweat. And in order to do that, you need to know how to connect smartwatch to iPhone.

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Without any doubt, the best smart wear for the iPhone is the Apple Watch itself. It is arguably the best smart wearable overall. However, you can make an Android smartwatch connect to an iPhone as well. In the following, we’ll discuss how to pair any smartwatch with an iPhone.

How to Connect Smartwatch to iPhone | Apple Watch and Android

The processes on how to connect smartwatch to iPhone require respectable apps that help with the pairing system. For instance, you want to know how to pair Apple Watch with iPhone? You need to download the Watch app from the App Store to do that. Although unlike Apple Watches, Android smartwatches can come with their own application. Depending on the brand, companies launch their own apps to run their smart wearables.

Google has the Wear OS app, which supports some of the most popular Android smartwatches. Wear OS-supported watches can easily be paired with iPhones through the app. So, if you were wondering how to connect Android smartwatch to iPhone, you need the Wear OS app from the Google Play Store.

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Another way to connect smartwatches to iPhone devices is by using native apps. For example, Garmin watches use the Garmin Connect app, and Amazfit watches connect to your iPhone through the Zepp app. Let’s explore all the ways you can connect and set up a smartwatch on your iPhone.

How to connect Apple Watch to iPhone

Apple Watches are the easiest to connect to and set up with iPhone devices. Since they use similar chips and are specially designed for each other, pairing an Apple Watch with an iPhone is effortless, secure, and fast. All you need is the Watch app, which can be downloaded from the App Store.

However, before connecting your Apple Watch to your iPhone, make sure your iOS version is updated to the latest. And keep in mind that you need to turn on Bluetooth to pair any smartwatch with your iPhone, including Apple Watches. So, if you were wondering how to connect my Apple Watch to my iPhone, follow the steps below —

how to connect Apple Watch to iPhone

  • Put on the Apple Watch.
  • Press and hold the watch’s side button to turn it on.
  • Unlock your iPhone and wait for the watch to pop up.
  • Then tap Continue at the bottom of the iPhone screen.
  • Next, select Set Up for Myself.

How to put Apple Watch in pairing mode

how to pair Apple Watch to iPhone

  • Once the iPhone camera scanner appears, wait for the Apple Watch pairing screen.
  • Then, point the camera over your Apple Watch screen.
  • It will take a second, and that’s it. Your Apple Watch is now paired with the iPhone.

Steps on how to set up a new Apple Watch on iPhone

how to set up Apple Watch on iPhone

  • After the pairing is complete, tap on the popup message Set Up Apple Watch.
  • Enter your Apple ID and Password when prompt.
  • Go through a series of simple processes to personalize your watch.
  • Then tap on Continue. It will sync Apple Watch with your iPhone.
  • Finally, you’ll see a notification saying your Apple Watch is ready.
  • Press the Digital Crown to start your watch.

How to connect Android smartwatch with iPhone

Can you use an Android smartwatch with your iPhone? The answer is yes. Since smartwatches primarily need Bluetooth to connect with a smartphone, nearly all of them can connect to iPhones. You can pair a smartwatch with an iPhone via the Wear OS app, or you can use the native app provided by your watch brand. However, it’s best to use Wear OS by Google if supported. So, let’s check out how to connect an Android wear and iPhone.

How to connect smartwatch to iPhone using the Wear OS app

how to connect android smartwatch to iPhone

  • Download the Wear OS app from the App Store and boot up your smartwatch.
  • Make sure both your watch and iPhone have Bluetooth on.
  • Launch the Wear OS app.
  • Allow the necessary permissions, including Bluetooth access, until you see the “Connect your watch” screen.
  • Wait for the app to find your smartwatch. Once it pops up, tap on it.
  • A Bluetooth pairing request will appear. Tap on Pair.
  • Finally, match the pairing codes on the app and the watch, then confirm.

How to connect smartwatch to iPhone using the watch’s native app

  • First, boot up your smartwatch. It should give you a QR code after the launch screen appears.
  • Open your iPhone camera and scan the QR code.
  • It will lead you to the watch’s native app on the App Store. Install and launch the app.
  • Give Bluetooth access when prompted.
  • Your watch should pop up in a second. Select the watch name when appears, and you’re good to go!

Note: If you can’t find the native app from the watch, google it on your iPhone. You should easily find the link to the App Store from where you can download and install the app for free.

Is it possible to connect a Fitbit watch to an iPhone?

Definitely! Other than the Wear OS smartwatches, Fitbit is the best alternative to the Apple Watch. First of all, they are cheaper, so for anyone with budget constraints, the lineup from Fitbit is some of the best in the market. Fitbit is under Google ownership, so you need to create an account first to unlock its features on your iPhone. The setup process is also convenient across all models. You will find a video below to get an understanding of how to set up and use Fitbit for iPhone.

Final words

Throughout this simple guide, we’ve seen how to connect and set up a smartwatch on an iPhone. In summary, pairing a smartwatch is as easy as it comes, as long as you know how to turn Bluetooth on. However, iPhones have complicated structures, especially for anything Android. So, we hope this brief tutorial clears everything up and helps you make the best use of your smart wearables.

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